Ubisoft has just introduce the Tier mode for Ghost recon Wildlands where you now have a deeper level system but they have now announced a new mode called “Ghost War” this is a PvP (Player vs Player) mode. It is a simple mode where you have a squad of 4 people against 4 other people and it’s team deathmatch. The mode will be in beta test state later this summer.

This is a great edition to Ghost recon Wildlands but i still think this is to late since the games playerbase is decreasing and there should have been a larger multiplayer mode at launch if this game should have had the chance to stay alive for a longer time. The only thing that i think coud really save this game would be if they introduced a battle royale game mode such as Battlegrounds or H1Z1, the game already has a great map which u could use to make a game mode as battle royale but it would of course need alot of balancing, changes and tweaking to make it playeble. But I think it would be worth it if they did it right. Overall i think this is good but i think it should have been here on launch in a better form.

Check out the trailer here



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