On August 8th Overwatch first event last year is coming back to the game and it has some new editions.

First of, you will be able to get the skins that came with the event last time for example the awsome Mccree flag skin or the tracer runner skins and they are at a discounted price so that more people will be able to get them and you will also be able to get 40 new items skins included that will match the events summer theme. Junkrat, Mercy, Mccree and Widowmaker are confirmed to have some cool skins coming up.

The much beloved Lucio-ball brawl will also make a return to the game but this time improved with some balance tweaking but also a new map in sydney aswell as a competetive gamemode that will run for three weeks so that you can earn some sprays. Some people didn’t want lucio-ball back but i think that this is a really good way of making as many people as possible happy since we have never seen something like this before in Overwatch.

I think that this event could be a really good hit or a flop since they have made some large changes but it could feel a but repetetive with the same things again. But we should wait until the event is out to give it a final verdict. It is what so ever intresting and im looking forward to it since i didn’t made it to the last years lucio-ball.



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