Sneak-peak of next Overwatch comic

Blizzard spends alot of time on the story around Overwatch with animated short films and comics and in the next couple of days it will be rolling out another comic, this time about Junkertown, fitting with the new map. Blizzard have realsesed a few images so here they are.


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You can find more comics here.



Deathmatch is live on Overwatch

Some time ago Jeff Kaplan, one of the Overwatch devs, said that deathmatch never would come to Overwatch since Overwatch is a team base game. But now it seems like the changed their minds since they have launched two new game modes and one new map.

The game modes are Team deathmatch and Deathmatch, in Team Deathmatch you are on a four-man team and you need to kill the enemy teams player 30 times to win. In deathmatch there are 8 players killing eachother, if a player reaches 20 kills or time runs out the game ends. If you get to top 4 it counts as a win, and since it is a arcade mode it’s a good gamemode to get those weekly loot boxes. Deathmatch only have one map but its the new map: Château Guillard which is Widowmakers familys home/castle. The map is super fun to play on since it has some diffrent height levels and jumpads laying around the map. I highly recommed to test this new  content out if you havent since it’s really fun and to me brang new life to the arcade modes since i now thing it’s fun to get my loot boxes every week. Test it out since it out now.


Junkertown to Overwatch?

It just got leaked that there is a voice line saying “Welcome to Junkertown” it was datamined and is now most likely the next map we will get in Overwatch. Many people think it will be announced at Gamescom next week in company with a animated short film about Junkrat and his best friend Roadhog, and since we got Eichenwalde and the animated short film “The last Bastion” i dont think it’s a strectch to say that Junkertown and a animated short will arrive at Gamescom.


Rainbow: Six Siege hit 20 million players

Rainbow: Six Siege came out 21 months ago and was a success even though some people was mad that there was graphical downgrades at realese which has been a problem for Ubisoft with many games for a long time and people have there for been very critical against Ubisofts games. But even though it had some dissapointments it was still a really good game and it is a game that many people wanted and needed, a competitive one.

And a few days ago ubisoft cofirmed that they have had 20 million players registered for the game since lauch which are good numbers and it also shows that the game keeps on growing which many games have a hard time doing but Ubisoft have keept on providing the game with tons of free contet where you  can get some things early if you buy season-pass which is included in a good way. Because the game is very skill based and competitive the game also have a E-sports scen which isn’t huge but it still has loyal fans that always watches.

The games biggest flaw was the servers which was really bad and it could take 5 minutes to find a match sometimes but they have now fixed that. So the game is still living and it is definetly worth buying still since there is still free content coming out.


Battlegrounds first person mode is here

Battlegrounds have so far been a mostly third person game since the advantages of it compared to first person is huge so it was never fun to play first person. Plus the fact that it was had many buggs and was not what you started out with when you first start a game. But today Battlegrounds have gotten a first person mode only and it is very fun to play, it still need some tweaking and bug fixing. This is a very good thing for the game since many have felt like it did not fit with third person so they rejected the game, it’s also good if you just want some variation from third person. The patch that this came with was on the otherside not that good since it’s very buggy and have some major server problems that need to get fixed and they probably will in the next weekly patch.


Overwatch summer games coming back

On August 8th Overwatch first event last year is coming back to the game and it has some new editions.

First of, you will be able to get the skins that came with the event last time for example the awsome Mccree flag skin or the tracer runner skins and they are at a discounted price so that more people will be able to get them and you will also be able to get 40 new items skins included that will match the events summer theme. Junkrat, Mercy, Mccree and Widowmaker are confirmed to have some cool skins coming up.

The much beloved Lucio-ball brawl will also make a return to the game but this time improved with some balance tweaking but also a new map in sydney aswell as a competetive gamemode that will run for three weeks so that you can earn some sprays. Some people didn’t want lucio-ball back but i think that this is a really good way of making as many people as possible happy since we have never seen something like this before in Overwatch.

I think that this event could be a really good hit or a flop since they have made some large changes but it could feel a but repetetive with the same things again. But we should wait until the event is out to give it a final verdict. It is what so ever intresting and im looking forward to it since i didn’t made it to the last years lucio-ball.


Battleground change ban system

Battlegrounds have been a hot topic for the last days because they reportly banned a streamsniper. Stream sniper is someone how watch someone stream and then tries to use the stream to know his position  to then easliy kill him. But Player unknown him-self went to twitter to clear things up and this was his statement:

Regarding accusations that the community team falsely banned a player for stream-sniping…DF6Waf3UQAA2VhP.jpg

Some people think that this should not even be a thing that should be banned since the streamer could delay the stream so that the person would have a hard time streamsniping. The have said that the maybe will change the system for banning. So stay tuned.



Junkrat rework soon?

Junkrat is one of those heroes where you you love the character so you start play him but then realize that he isn’t good enough to keep up in competitive so you start playing some one that is in the meta. But for those who do play Junkrat or want to play him there is some good news that just got realesed by the principal desinger on Overwatch, Jeff Goodman, said this “Currently on our internal builds, Junkrat has 2 charges of his Concussion Mine,” Goodman said. “This allows you  to do all kinds of cool stuff like launch yourself into a fight and still have a charge to escape with, or launch yourself up into a Pharah and still have a charge to try and kill her with.”

This obviously is some really good changes that most likely will make it into the game in some way. This would make Junkrat a more mobile hero that could get used even in competitive, but if they want him to have a chance to get into the meta I think they would have to put a higher speed to his “bomb-projectiles”, but this is a step in the right direction.


Ghost recon Wildlands PvP mode

Ubisoft has just introduce the Tier mode for Ghost recon Wildlands where you now have a deeper level system but they have now announced a new mode called “Ghost War” this is a PvP (Player vs Player) mode. It is a simple mode where you have a squad of 4 people against 4 other people and it’s team deathmatch. The mode will be in beta test state later this summer.

This is a great edition to Ghost recon Wildlands but i still think this is to late since the games playerbase is decreasing and there should have been a larger multiplayer mode at launch if this game should have had the chance to stay alive for a longer time. The only thing that i think coud really save this game would be if they introduced a battle royale game mode such as Battlegrounds or H1Z1, the game already has a great map which u could use to make a game mode as battle royale but it would of course need alot of balancing, changes and tweaking to make it playeble. But I think it would be worth it if they did it right. Overall i think this is good but i think it should have been here on launch in a better form.

Check out the trailer here


Cooperative in Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a very complex game and it will now get even more complex with a new cooperative game mode “Frontier Defense” where you can team up with 4 other people to survive the mayham that Titanfall 2 can offer. This should be a really good edition to the game that also could be a sales point for those who are considering to buy the game which maybe can increase the playerbase. One thing that is reall positive with this is that in 5 years it will most likely be hard to find a match on the game because no one is plying it anymore then you could use this cooperative mode to still get the experience of Titanfall 2 with the intense, chaotic and fun gameplay that Titanfall 2 gives. So this is overall a really good and important update for Titanfall 2.

You can check out the trailer here