Rainbow: Six Siege hit 20 million players

Rainbow: Six Siege came out 21 months ago and was a success even though some people was mad that there was graphical downgrades at realese which has been a problem for Ubisoft with many games for a long time and people have there for been very critical against Ubisofts games. But even though it had some dissapointments it was still a really good game and it is a game that many people wanted and needed, a competitive one.

And a few days ago ubisoft cofirmed that they have had 20 million players registered for the game since lauch which are good numbers and it also shows that the game keeps on growing which many games have a hard time doing but Ubisoft have keept on providing the game with tons of free contet where you  can get some things early if you buy season-pass which is included in a good way. Because the game is very skill based and competitive the game also have a E-sports scen which isn’t huge but it still has loyal fans that always watches.

The games biggest flaw was the servers which was really bad and it could take 5 minutes to find a match sometimes but they have now fixed that. So the game is still living and it is definetly worth buying still since there is still free content coming out.



Rainbow Six Siege gets loot boxes

Loot boxes have been a popular way for companies to earn post lauch revenue since the famous “Season pass” model have been highly controversial because people think it splits up the community when you need to pay extra to get all maps and weapons. After game companies have catch up with the critics, most companies use loot boxes. In loot boxes you usually get some cool items, skins and icons. The loot boxes can usually be earned through playing the game or paying for it.  When the loot boxes include items that change the gameplay people usually get very mad because they don’t want players with the most money to get a advantage which i totally agree with. I don’t want to play a game where “pay to win” exists. I think that all games should earn their money through selling cosmetics that won’t effect the gameplay.

Rainbow six siege is now going to introduce these loot boxes where you can get cosmetic items that don’t make a impact on the gameplay. You will get the chance to buy these with real money or through in-game currency this is great and they get a 10/10 from me for implementing this system in the right way in company with their earlier model of a season pass that only gives you early access to the new operators. It is always fun to seen a game go in the right direction and Rainbow Six Siege is doing just that. Rainbow has in my opinion been the game that Ubisoft have treated the best out of all of their games.